A luxurious and highly planed subdivision, that’s what The Dominion is. It encompasses over 1500 acres and is located in the North Central zone, the fastest developing piece of, San Antonio TX. So, the estates here are very elegant and unique designs and made by only the best architects and custom home building companies. Some of these mansions are very famous because of their unique design. Moreover, on the banks of the Leon Spring Creek, this place has a lot of green areas and lakes, complementing the beauty of the rolling hills of the area. That is why the people who live here live a life full of fun and lush landscapes.

A hand-crafted bridge by the famous and great designer Jose Luis de la Garza that is used to enter the subdivision. As you cruise by, you will see a superb perspective on the club, which is covered with beautiful domes and rooftop roofs with gold leaf. The first 18 “holes” of the championship are spread over 260 acres of golf and it has a huge and very beautiful cover inside. Moreover, its surroundings include natural landscapes, mountains, and other fascinating landscapes and this inner beauty of the place is a basis of great delight and conceit for the people living here.

This land has exceptional historic value. It was owned by Anson Jones who was the last president of Texas.

It was later bought when the new century rolled over by the spouse of a man named Adolf Toepperwein She was famous for her special shooting skills and for this reason her name is also present in the Genius book of the world.

Each property in Dominion is made safe by a security team that works 24 hours with top of the line security systems. There are 24-hour patrol guards known as mobile patrol guards to further improve security.

The Dominion has about 1500 houses and they are all as different and unique as their owners, making the population of this premier community close to 276,000 people. These people are living a magnificent and luxurious life here among big personalities that also call it home.

There are two major shopping malls nearby called the Rim and the La Cantera Mall. They are seven miles apart, because of all these qualities, these houses are very representative and have their privacy, and their boundaries are with the country club at their doorsteps. So, the people here are living a very high and comfortable life. Getting to the metropolitan city via san Antonio is easy.

These are just some of the subdivisions within The Dominion:

Dominion lodge

The enclaved city

Dominion Golf greenery

Different lists                                 

Dominion hillside

Dominion country house


New grounds










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